I have zero tolerance for unethical behavior in the Secretary of State's office. If you see suspicious activity - please report it. All reports are confidential. With your help we are continuing to strive for higher ethical standards and integrity in state government. — Jesse White

James B. Burns, Inspector General

The mission of the Secretary of State's Inspector General is to ensure honest, efficient service by Secretary of State employees for the people of Illinois. The Inspector General's Office works diligently to preserve the integrity of the Secretary of States' Office by seeking out and eliminating corruption and wrongdoing. Through its investigations and audits, often with the cooperation of other Secretary of State departments, the Inspector General's Office also identifies inefficient or ineffective operations and procedures and makes appropriate recommendations to management to aid the ongoing effort to offer better customer service. In addition, the Inspector General investigates allegations of lobbyist wrongdoing.

Questions, complaints or comments about any Secretary of State employee, facility, operation or procedure may be directed to the Inspector General's Office. In addition, complaints about any allegations of lobbyist wrongdoing may be directed to the Inspector General's office. Download a copy of the Inspector General Complaint Form or Submit a Complaint Online.


NOTICE — The Office of the Inspector General for the Secretary of State has the authority to only investigate complaints concerning the operations of the Illinois Secretary of State's office or concerning compliance with the Lobbyist Registration Act. Therefore, this Web site should only be used to report complaints about the operations of the Secretary of State's office or concerning compliance with the Lobbyist Registration Act. If you have a complaint concerning another state agency, you may do so using the following contact information: Office of the Governor, Office of the Attorney General, Office of the Treasurer, Office of the Comptroller.